Prep time

In the last months I'm having so much "fun" learning stuff, but now is time to invest more time in this blog/website. Still need to fix the certificate for securing the connection to this website for example.

My first idea was to create something like exploration data analysis idea with Python and R, writing pieces of code that do similar EDA of the same database. The problem is that the first idea was from the past year, when my priority was interacting with a SQL-Server database, and now that is an obsolete idea.

Now, I want to learn PostgreSQL, so I need to figure out how to install it, maybe with Docker again, and decide again which notebook version I want to use for Python and R. Is pretty interesting that now I have the option of using notebooks in Markdown, Jupyter and Emacs-Org, even if I still need to completely figure out the last one.

So, that are going to be the next steps and I hope to have my first article here in the site.