So, I'm still struggling learning Python since the last time I wrote here. For a long time, I have been in the nice structured part of data science, where the data is in a proper SQL database with almost all the bell and whistles. And all of that was possible because data engineers took care of all that and allowed me to focus doing my ADVANCED ANALYTICAL CODING or GIVING SENIOR ADVICE to junior data scientists.

Now, I'm in the plebeian part of data science. Need to take care of and improvised solution to extract useful data from this text files. But we're not really sure what useful data is, and that's about several dozens of different text file parsings. Not enough documentation either, after all, this extraction of useful data is just to feed the main reporting solution, so priorities and resources are more available for that.

Well, this was just a little rant. I need to go back and keep pushing the plow.

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