Oh! That's how I did it before!

A month ago I created and configured this website to create my portfolio. And a disadvantage of using the GRAV image from the market is that I have no idea what else I needed to make this site work with 100% functionality. And the main functionality missing was the SSL encryption.

I was totally lost about why wasn't working, I remembered that I bought the names and that I did a configuration in the cloud manager, but still wasn't working. And time passed until I received an email about "Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice...".

I though at first that it was a phishing attempt but then read carefully the email, visited the site and then the word Certbot jumped at me. Oh! That's how I did it before! There were a series of commands that I needed to run inside my web server to enable HTTPS! That was, in fact, written in my notes in the section titled Use Certbot to Enable HTTPS with Apache on Debian.

Still, that wasn't the end of it, for some reason I screwed the domain names of the certificates to be registered, the ones that start with www still don't work properly, the certbot configuration used a grav config file to... "find a vhost with a ServerName or Address of bargainbincatgirl.dev" whatever the fuck that means.

Well, is partially working now, I'll return tomorrow to try to fix for the www domain names. But I'll thank letsencrypt.org for the unintentional reminder in how it was done.

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