Hello World

Ok, Here is my nth attempt to create a portfolio/blog to showcase my work.

My first attempt was to install Wordpress in a custom server in the cloud. It was an amazing learning experience, but my final Wordpress installations was bugged. Still is hard to me to understand the proper file/folder permit access required to a Wordpress web server, when to give permits to Apache or to the Wordpress user is a mess.

So, I nuked my custom Wordpress virtual server, tearing in my eyes, because that was my first cloud server and I'm too sentimental sometimes.

Then, I embraced the marketplace of my cloud provider and discovered the GRAV CMS. Is promoted like a simpler CMS compared to Wordpress, but sometimes I'm too stupid to understand simpler things. I have a hard time trying to publish this hello world post and I think it was because I changed the default theme of the site without really understanding how the theme replacement works... there is a warning every time you change the theme, so I can't say I wasn't warned, LOL.

Still, one of the problems that I have with the documentation, is that it makes a good explanation of the "low level" inner working of the system, but I really just want to use the editor and tools in the web based administration panel and, for obvious reasons, this web tools aren't going to show me the file structure of the site for me to modify, just custom forms every time I need to change the configuration or write something, and that changes according to the themes, plugins or tools that you're using.

My next challenge will be to properly understand how to write the more complex page types on the web editor, because that fancy functionality I'll need it for creating more interesting articles or the portfolio itself. For now, I'll focus in this simple blog posts and preparing the material for the portfolio.

See you later.