Administration of Linux

I commented in the last entry about how much fun I was having learning Emacs, new programming languages, etc. All of that is thanks to that I have a Manjaro/Linux install in my desktop computer, that let me install all the developer tools I'm interested.

Now, I choosed Manjaro as a distro because I had several years without using Linux and the main purpose of my new desktop was, and still is, gaming. Manjaro was "marketed" as an easy solution for that and it has worked well most of the time.

The problem is, I'm not used to administrate a rolling release linux-distribution. Even if I dabbled a little in Arch Linux I still don't take in account that a bad upgrade can ruin my system, and that has happened several times before.

The few times I had problems were because of a kernel update that didn't include the Nvidia drivers for some reason. So I do a reboot and suddenly I'm staring at the naked terminal. I dread those moments because it means I need to check in the forums, google in my cellphone, read and start checking files in Emacs in terminal to see what went wrong.

Even if had solved the previous problems without re-installing Linux, like it was my habit a few years ago, the last problems I had in the previous days just exhausted my patience. As usual, started with a problem with a new kernel and incompatible nvidia drivers (this is like 3rd-4th time) but the automated tools didn't work properly, I "hacked" a solution after a few days, the graphics drivers went up and then I screwed again with some firmware update.

What the firmware update did was that changed the configuration of the UEFI (I think?) so my boot process couldn't mount my disks. A real mess I have not faced before...

But well, my plan was to change my old linux installation to Debian 12 literally in a few days and the boot problem just moved the schedule earlier, so here we go I think? And the funniest thing is, that in the process of trying to remember how to boot the USB stick where my Debian installer was located, I accidentally fixed my Manjaro install, so is alive again. But oh man, I really don't want to upgrade it again or it will break in another spectacular manner.

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